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As we all know, Roulette has been the game to play in almost each and every casino in the world. Now we have prepared the ultimate Roulette game to play here at Vbet7. You will enjoy the best dealers, even better gaming experience and the profit which is impressive as well. It all starts with you registering right here and making the first deposit. Instantly we will give you a free welcome bonus to use on Roulette and other casino games.

How to play Roulette?

We understand that some of you are beginners and you don’t have the needed experience or the expertise with Roulette. That’s why we have prepared an impressive help section right here. In essence, you will learn how to play roulette within minutes. All you have to know is that there are a few main elements in the game. They are the roulette wheel, the table, and the ball. The dealer will throw a ball inside a wheel and it will land on one pocket. Before that, you will obviously have to place a bet. Here we can see several options. You can place a side bet, a bet on the particular number or on the color. As you may know, you can place a bet on the red, black and even green. However, green is reserved only for 0 value pocket. If you guess where the ball will land, you can get 37 times your stake, which means Roulette is one of the most rewarding games in a casino. Furthermore, you can win additional bets by placing the bet on the multiple numbers, the corners and etc. You will see all available options once you log in to your account.

We have prepared European version of Roulette just for you

In order to give the best experience to all our members and to help them win a profit, we offer you only the European version of the game. This variation is easier to use, it has better odds and it is less risky. Better said, European Roulette, is the one game you have been looking for so long. Now you can enjoy the best game at any given time and you can win a massive profit. We believe that all members and our users, in general, should get the best odds. We also believe that they should enjoy more than other online betting providers and that they must get the best out of each game, such as Roulette. Be free to register and try the game right now and see all the benefits we have prepared just for you.

We give you a 100% welcome bonus

After you are done with the registration process, you will have to make a deposit. Once you are done, we will reward you with a 100% welcome bonus. It is available for all the new members and we will give it instantly. We are the best in this line of business and we have millions of satisfied users from Singapore and wider.