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At this point we are glad to reveal that we became partners with Winningft. Now all our members can experience additional betting options provided by one of the biggest names in Singapore and Asia. The betting options are versatile, they come in a wide array of possibilities and they are better than ever before, all you have been looking for.

Sports betting is more than just popular, as you are aware of it. That’s why Winningft offers you the possibility of betting on any sport known to humankind. The list is extremely long, so we won’t be able to cover all the elements.

Casino games are here as well

For those who appreciate and want to bet on casino games, Winningft have prepared a long list of advanced superior and great casino games. Baccarat, Blackjack are here, but we must include Roulette and obviously slots. The slots may be the most important advantage Winningft has to offer so we recommend you to try all of them. Yes, the list is long, but you will get the best satisfaction and even better odds for winning.

Casino games also come in live section. What this means is that the games will be hosted by a live dealer and he will assist you in placing the bets and winning the game. Now is the right moment to experience all of that and understand why Winningft has been one of the best partners we have.

Try mobile version

Users who use smartphones or tablets in order to place a bet and enjoy the online betting will be happy to know that from now, Winningft offers all its features and options for smartphones.

The games and the site have been redesigned so now they will run perfectly on all smartphones of newer and old generation. You are free to try this fact as soon as you like.

Start betting today

Register today at Vbet7 and start betting on any game we have mentioned or on something more. We will add that lottery and keno games are implemented to the site as well and they may be your first choice. Anyway, we leave that to you, so you can choose any betting option you like. We will never interfere with the choice and we will encourage to find the most suitable bet.

Placing the first deposit will take under 5 minutes and as soon as you are done, you are looking at the massive welcome bonus. It will be added directly to your account and it will be available to use for any game or sport you like. There are no issues here and we promise you that all transactions are protected, safe and fast.

Don’t forget that all your withdrawals take a few hours to be completed. There is no need to wait for days like some of you did with other betting providers. We believe in fast and reliable betting service and we offer precisely that.

Contact our support if you want to know more

If you want to know more or you have an issue on your mind, be free to contact our customer support. Our agents will assist you with any issue you may have within minutes.

This means that within minutes you will be back on track and ready to continue betting and gambling. That’s why we hire the best agents in the industry.