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Now we must present you another partner we have been cooperating with. The name is Maxbet and as you all know, they are the biggest betting and gambling provider in Singapore and Asia.

The betting options are better than ever before, the list of benefits and advantages is great and there are so many reasons why you should pay close attention to Maxbet.

More than 500 daily betting options

Maxbet is the true leader of the sports bets. Every single day you will have the ability to enjoy over 500 different bets which are paired with the best odds. You will be able to bet on football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and so much more. Of course, racing games are supported and available as well. Now you can easily choose the one you like and place the first or the hundredth bet.

Besides the sports bets, you can enjoy casino games. Some of the best and the most popular casino games have been provided for all of you and they are always available to play. With the help of Vbet7, you will have the ability to enjoy live casino games. You will be hosted by a live dealer and with the help of the latest technology, you will have the same gambling experience as in any casino in Singapore or other parts of the globe.

Military grade protection

All our members are protected by a military grade encryption. We have implemented it into our systems in order to provide the top-notch security for all our members and all of you who like and want to use our services. Of course, if you want to know more, you can always contact us and we will explain to you in detail.

The protection in question is 128-bit encryption which is commonly used by the most sophisticated and the most popular websites of the modern era. It can’t be cracked or bypassed and it is immune to all hacker attacks. Basically, your data will be protected and safe at all times.

We should mention that Maxbet also offers the same level of protection. Now you can get the dual protection at all times and be safe and sound regardless of how many times you have used our services. Stay safe with us and still get the best betting options.

All payment options supported

Now you can use any possible bank or internet payment system in order to move money from the bank to your account here at Vbet7 and vice versa. We have been cooperating with all the banks in Singapore, so you won’t have any issues here. We also promise you that we will take care of all your transactions and you will get the profit as soon as possible.

If you need to know more, contact our customer support using the contact form here, or a phone call. We also offer you our email, so you can use it as well.