Top reasons to consider in-play soccer betting

One of the most unique features of online soccer betting singapore is the ability to bet on live games. In-play betting, as it is commonly known, allows players to wager on an ongoing game. With in-play betting, you can simply bet on a game you had forgotten to bet on before kickoff. This form of betting has many markets whose odds keep on changing as the clock runs down. The advantage with in-play betting is that some markets are settled even before the game ends. For example, a market such as Race to 4 Corners will be settled as soon as the fourth corner is played in the game.

This means that when gambling in singapore online, you have the chance of betting continuously before the game ends. The in-play betting market is perhaps the easiest market to bet on. This is because you are betting on a match that you are watching live. The odds for this market are always attractive and the markets offered by bookies in live matches get suspended or introduced as specific events happen in a match. For example, a bookie will suspend the Double Chance 1X and 12 markets as soon as the home team scores two or more goals than the away team. However, the X2 market will be left open and will have possible odds of 50.00.

Similarly, the bookmaker will introduce the Over/Under 4.5 as soon as a second goal is scored in the match. Another advantage of this betting market is that bookmakers now give punters the chance of cashing out on active bets they had placed earlier. For example, if the bet you had placed is winning, you can simply cash out the amount instead of waiting for the final whistle. The in-play betting market also allows you to get live scores directly from the bookie’s website instead of opening a different singapore livescore website.