Top soccer betting markets offered by online Singapore bookmakers

Today, online soccer betting Singapore is more popular because many bookmakers are offering different markets to bet on at attractive odds. The most common market offered by these bookmakers is the 1×2 market. This is a 3-way betting market also known as Straight 1X2 market. In this market, a punter is betting on whether the home team or away team will win or whether there will be a draw in the game. This market is attractive especially for punters who back home teams that have a higher chance of winning. The second market offered by Singapore bookies is the Total Goals market.

The Total Goals market allows a punter to wager on the number of goals that will be scored in a given match. Teams score goals all the time and others fail to score goals. This means that a punter can also predict that there will be zero goals in the match. Another common market offered by online soccer betting singapore bookmakers is the First Scorer market. This market allows punters to determine the player that will score the game’s first goal. This market is sometimes confused with Last to Score and Anytime Goal Scorer markets.

In Last to Score market, a punter is determining which player will be the last to score a goal. The punter will only win the bet if the player they chose scores a goal and the game ends minutes later without any more goals being scored. In the Anytime Goal Scorer market, a punter must determine which player will score a goal at any point within the 90 minutes of playtime. If you are considering soccer gambling in Singapore, the most important thing is to read all the available markets offered by bookmakers and understand how they work. This will enable you to choose a betting market that will enable you win good money.