What Singapore punters should know about accumulator bets?

The best thing about online soccer betting Singapore is that bookmakers allow punters to bet on accumulators. An accumulator allows a punter to combine multiple bets into one single bet. A punter can combine two bets to form a double bet, three bets to form a treble, four bets to form a 4-fold and five bets to form a 5-fold bet. Depending on the site a punter is using, the punter will be able to combine up to 30 bets to form a 30-fold accumulator. The biggest advantage of accumulators is that they give punters a chance to win a lot of money from a small stake.

With an accumulator bet, a punter can win up to 30,000 Singapore Dollars from a $10 bet. Although accumulator bets are attractive, they can be very difficult to win. This is because a person can only win an accumulator if all the bets they have selected win. If for example a punter has wagered on a 20-fold accumulator, all the 20 games must be correct as per the punter’s selections in order to win the bet. If one game is incorrect, the punter will lose the bet despite having won the rest. Accumulators can be so thrilling and this is why most players try to follow their selections on singapore livescore websites after placing their wagers.

While it is always difficult to win an accumulator, sometimes in depends on a punter’s strategy or approach to wagering on the accumulator. One important point Singapore punters should understand about accumulators is that the chances of winning such wagers decrease with more selections on the bet. It is easy to win a double bet that it is to win a treble or 4-fold. To ensure success with online soccer betting singapore, a punter should reduce the number of selections on their accumulator. It is better to stick to a treble than a 4-fold.